Pathways is a program of Southwestern Virginia Training Center (SWVTC) that helps provide a continuum of care for persons diagnosed with intellectual disabilities along with a diagnosis of mental illness. Pathways program began August 10, 2003. The SWVTC ID/MI Unit is certified as an intermediate care facility for intellectually disabled persons with a maximum bed capacity of eight. Pathways is overseen by a ID/MI Council consisting of members or representatives from each Community Service Board listed below, Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute (SWVMHI) and SWVTC.

Who is Eligible for Services?

Individuals considered for admission must meet the following criteria:

Range of Services

Pathways provides services in all areas of need such as:

Pathways is designed to be a 90 day program but as part of the program, Pathways staff do follow-ups on placement site for 3 months after discharge from the program. The program also provides respite services for a short stay ranging from 1 day to 21 days.

Success Stories

Rick was one of the first admissions to Pathways. He was living at SWVMHI and went through the program and is now successfully living in a group home.

Janice was admitted to the program and successfully completed the training before the 90 days were expired. She went to live in the community in a group home near her family. She likes to hear from staff and staff still sees her at Special Olympics and when Pathways' staff makes visits to her group home.

Paul is another successful graduate of Pathways. While in the program, Paul participated in work skills programs, coordination programs, peer interaction and communication programs. These skills were vital in a community living placement where he now resides.

Jack came from home to participate in Pathways. After successfully completing the program where he learned work skills, domestic skills and skills to live with other individuals he left to live in a group home. Currently, he lives in a host home and is doing well.

Zeke entered Pathways apprehensively at first. He soon found there could be a better quality of life for himself and his behavioral issues began to resolve. He left the program and entered into an assisted living program where he lives in his own trailer with one roommate.

Who provides the services?

Collene Webb is the Program Manager for Pathways. Staff members consist of clinical staff, an active treatment supervisor and direct support professionals who in addition to having expertise in working with intellectual disabilities are also trained in supporting individuals with mental illness.

ID/MI Unit Admission Policy

SWVTC Instruction 413 is the policy that governs admissions to Pathways. You can view or download this policy below in either Word document format or PDF format.

PDFSWVTC Instruction 413 - ID/MI Unit Admissions - PDF

Referral Process

Referrals are initiated through the Community Services Board (CSB). Please contact your local CSB for referrals for admission into the program.

You can contact Collene Webb by mail, phone or email,

Collene Webb
Pathways Program Manager
Southwestern Virginia Training Center
P.O. Box 1328
Hillsville, VA 24343

Phone: 276-728-3121 ext. 315
Fax: 276-728-1103


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